Why use Equifund Mortgage

Empower the Consumer

Since 1998, our company EquiFund Mortgage, a division of Consumer Credit Services, LLC has been originanting and funding mortgage home loans while maintaining an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. 

Our goal is simple. To provide you, the consumer, with the most simplified empowering online mortgage home loan platform that will enable you to compare multiple lenders and only have to work with our company from start to finish. 

Equifund Mortgage Home Loans online loan engine, will give you the advantage over most all other mortgage lenders because you now will be able to see multiple lenders immediate loan quotes, while not exposing your personal information, which in most cases will be used to non stop call you. We never sell your information, nor will we ever reach beyond a few phone calls for engagement. You, the consumer are in full control. 


We Process, Close and Fund the loan you choose from our directory of National best in class Mortgage Home Loan Lenders

With over 20 years of providing, exceptional, award winning customer service to consumers, it is no wonder why most National Mortgage Lenders request our full support to orginate, close and fund the mortgage loan option that you have selected. 

The best part of working with Equifund Mortgage, is that we have multiple lenders competing to win your business, and we are the only company that you will deal with from start to finish. Your information will never be sold. 

 A+ Rated, best in class customer service that gives you the comfort of knowing you have researched many loan options and lenders to find the best online mortgage home loan for you.  

Our Mortgage Lenders & Financial Institutions

While we are constantly approached by national mortgage home loan lenders and we carefully select the lenders based upon performance history, customer service ratings and interest rates and closing cost. All participating lenders are committed to providing us with lower than average interest rates for our clients. For additional information regarding the lenders we use, please contact your loan originator.

Mortgage Licensing, Regulations & Consumer Advocates

Equifund Mortgage, a division of Consumer Credit Services, actively maintain all state and federally required licensing and adheres to all rules and regulations.

You can verify our Mortgage License through State of Florida Office of Financial Regulations Consumer Credit Services MBR# 1434. We are current with all licenses and have completed all required annual filings and continuing education.

Verify National Mortgage Licensing System

Consumer Credit Services has an active National Mortgage Licensing System #1070755. We are current with all licenses and have completed all required quarterly and annual filings as required.


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