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What Does Equifund Mortgage do ?

While Equifund Mortgage will work with you from start to finish, we are one of few companies that represent several national mortgage lenders and provide real time instant loan quotes.

So with just one simple, and fast online inquiry you will instantly be able to compare multiple mortgage lenders loan quotes, with real time interest rates, and select the lowest interest rate no net closing cost home loan for you.  

  • Instantly compare and select the lowest interest rate, no net closing cost home loan for you.
  • Easy to read Refinance Savings Summary comparing your old mortgage to the new mortgage.
  • Easy to read Purchase Loan Transaction Details. 
  • One Company, from start to finish, with multiple lenders competing. You win!


While we are contracted to provide expedited mortgage loan services with several national mortgage home lenders, you the consumer have the freedom to choice the lender with the best home loan program for you. 

We do not charge you any fees. We are paid by the lender that you select to work with you exclusively to complete your request within 30 days or less. Its that simple. 


Knowledge Is Power

Access our resource center to learn more about purchasing or refinancing a home. We understand that homeownership, is one of the greatest investments you will make. 

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