Realtime Emails & Online Loan Status Updates

Receive Email Updates at each Stage of the Loan Process

Making Homeownership Affordable

Our Real Time Updates for the online purchase home loan pre approval and closing, give both the borrowers and the real estate agent an added layer of comfort by tracking the process of closing the purchase money mortgage home loan. 

Realtime Email Status Updates

Only the borrower will have access to their personal information used for the mortgage home loan pre approval. Each borrower will be able to login, upload the required income and asset documents after receiving a online mortgage home loan preapproval. At any time both the borrower and Realtor will be able to login and view the progress of the loan process. While appreciatingthe personal engagement, we will always place more value on direct contact, if you permit. 

Eliminating Communication Problems

From application, loan documentation, loan processing, underwriting, title work, homeowners insurance and closing departments on average over 20 different individuals will work on the loan through its various stages. Eliminating communication problems by providing realtime status updates puts borrowers and realtors at ease.

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