About Instant Pre appprovals

Automate Underwriting Calculate Loan Options Approved Loan Choices

How Does This Work?

Our team of software developers and engineers are always improving the mortgage home loan engine that runs behind the scenes. Our engine adopts the mortgage home loan guidelines of the most competitively priced and highest rated  mortgage home loan lenders that offer the largest array of mortgage products and flexible underwriting guidelines.

With a very well designed efficient drill down question answer interview, upon submission our computations and analytics will return loan choices for the consumer to review and select.  When requested our engine will immediately supply the applicant with a credit grade mortgage loan pre approval. 

What if they/me are not Pre Approved?

If you or your client do not receive a pre-approval, based upon the responses provided by the mortgage home loan applicant, than we highly recommend that the applicant contacts us for a manual review.  In some cases, additional information such as Income clarification, explanation of credit, additinal asset discovery, explanation of loss of income will return a positive loan pre approval result.


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