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Mortgage Tips & Guidance

The EquiFund Commitment to Educate Our Clients

Understand the Process: Nothing is Final until Closing
  1. Initial Loan Request: Review of important numbers either over the or online, we will review everything with you.
  2. Initial Loan Disclosures and Estimates: Nothing is contractual and obligates you, only the lender is obligated.
  3. Loan Processing & Underwriting: Upload your requested documents, and we work with underwriting to clear your file for closing.
  4. Review Schedule Closing: You will receive a Closing Disclosure no later than 3 days before closing. We will review all numbers with you and schedule at closing at any location and time that you request.
  5. Attend Closing: Take comfort in knowing that, upon receipt of your Initial Closing Disclosure, the numbers must be the same with exception to very minor adjustments if any due to payoff changes, etc. Closings only take about 30 minutes and are very easy and well explained.
  6. Funding: After completing your closing, if your loan was a refinance of your primary residence funds will not disburse until the end of the 3rd bussiness day. This is because you are entitled to cancel your loan request during this 3 day period.

Common Questions:

  1. When will I recieve my payment or online account information?

    After closing, unless oadvised otherwise your first payment is not due until the following month after you close. In otherwords if you close in July, your 1st payment would not be due until September 1st. During this time, you will receive a welcome packet from the new lender.

Kenneth Muth, Daytona Beach, FL

How easy to find the best deal for our family. Their realtime loan quote system is the real deal, literally. We shopped our loan with multiple lenders providing real quotes and closed our loan within 3 weeks. We tried other companies but really trust and found the best deal with CCS. The best!!

With over 5000 happy clients that were able to find the best deal for them, at your we will provide you with many more references.

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