EquiFund Lends, Lending Tree does not.

Why Use Equifund Mortgage vs Lending Tree?

Lending Tree Sells your Information

LendingTree does not close and fund Mortgage Home Loans. They will sell your information to multiple mortgage companies that without your request non stop call, email, and text you. 

Because LendingTree is not the Lender, their loan quotes do not reflect all of the accurate information needed to gurantee the rate shown. This is why they will not lock your interest rate. While the idea is great, it is flawed. 

To truly shop multiple lenders, and receive real accurate instant online loan quotes, without multiple lenders constantly calling you, Equifunds is the answer. We are the consumers firewall that stops all of the unwanted marketers, while insuring your able to find the best loan for you.

EquiFund Solution

Equifund online loan engine allows lending through multiple national mortgage lenders, means (you and I) get to shop multiple lenders, and firewall all the annoying phone calls and solicitations.  With one application pushed through are loan smart engine we identify the best terms and present these options to you. From Application to closing we handle everything. 

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