Positions Available at EquiFund Jacksonville

Unlimited Employment Opportunity

Since 1998, our company EquiFund Mortgage, a division of Consumer Credit Services, LLC has been originanting and funding mortgage home loans while maintaining an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. 

We are always looking for career minded, long term professional and highly motivated indivudals to join our growing family of associates.

If you have good organizational skills, ability to work in a high paced, fast moving enviornment than we would like to invite you to call us and schedule and interview. Please understand that all applicants must udergo a complete State and Federal background check, along with initial and ongoing training to meet licensing requirments.


Experienced Mortgage Professional:

Licensed Mortgage Loan Originators: If you have a proven history of exceptional work ethic, organization and discipline and integrity, and are looking for long term employment only, than we definetly want you to call us for an interview immediately. EquiFund Mortgage is a fast growing, high demand mortgage company that prides itself on putting our clients needs first.

Experienced Loan Processors:

Do you have 1 year of experince processing mortgage loans? If you are seeking long term employment with the ability for promotion, and you are an organized high volume, and ambitious individual, please call our office to schedule and interview. Our Loan Processors enjoy a very reqrding compensation package.

Equifund Mortgage, a division of Consumer Credit Services, LLC, is an active fintech mortgage based company, thats core objective is to provide all of the market loan options to the consumer, while educating the consumer on the mathamatical advantage of each program. Our goal is simple, educate the borrower, and provide them with the financial services that promote and portect their well being.<strong

Marketers, Bloggers & Social Media, Software Professionals

If you feel confident that demonstrate exceptional skills in any of the areas above, and have a proven history with verifable proof, we are excited to connect with you and discuss long term employment opportunities. Please call our main office to schedule an interview.

Mortgage Licensing, Regulations & Consumer Advocates

Equifund Mortgage, a division of Consumer Credit Services, actively maintain all state and federally required licensing and adheres to all rules and regulations.

You can verify our Mortgage License through State of Florida Office of Financial Regulations Consumer Credit Services MBR# 1434. We are current with all licenses and have completed all required annual filings and continuing education.

Verify National Mortgage Licensing System

Consumer Credit Services has an active National Mortgage Licensing System #1070755. We are current with all licenses and have completed all required quarterly and annual filings as required.



Kenneth Muth, Daytona Beach, FL

How easy to find the best deal for our family. Their realtime loan quote system is the real deal, literally. We shopped our loan with multiple lenders providing real quotes and closed our loan within 3 weeks. We tried other companies but really trust and found the best deal with CCS. The best!!

With over 5000 happy clients that were able to find the best deal for them, at your we will provide you with many more references.

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